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Our missions: Innovation and Quality

Maxima was established in April 2019, invested by Summed Taiwan, with a main focus on developing and producing local MIS instruments. The core team members are all full of abundant practical experience of medical devices sales channels, product development and innovation licensing, the ability to integrate Taiwanese MIS instruments supply chain and mass production, then market them Taiwan to the world, lastly, establish the base by the successful experience of talented Taiwanese working on the Unmet Need then authorizing to worldly renowned companies. The features of medical devices industry are various types, small quantity, high quality, control, and value. A need of high-level medical devices with the equal quality as international companies at reasonable cost arises as a result of the aging population, the risk of infection by reprocessing instruments, US-China trade war, supply chain disruption by COVID-19 and startup investment transfer.


Management team


Yi-Ping, Hong


President Hong has dedicated to medical devices industry for over 40 years, and founded a medical devices commercial agent in 1990, of which clients are mainly world-renowned corporations. By steady function of sales channels and direct information from clinical experience, he sophisticatedly integrated precision manufacturing, QMS/ISO, and CE/FDA, then invested in the foundation of LAGIS Enterprise, which is specialized in the massive production of MIS laparoscope consumptive devices and instruments, marketing towards the world as a private brand “LAGIS.” LAGIS was in emerging market in 2019. Its sales revenue mainly is mainly from Europe for 29%, then Japan for 22%, Taiwan for 21%, Korea for 12%, and China for 5%. The preliminary earning is 3.06 billion in the first-three quarters in 2019, with gross margin ratio 53.06%


Siao-Wei, Tang

General Manager

Dr. Tang works as trainer in the Ministry of Science and Technology for STB (Stanford-Taiwan Biomedical Fellowship Program) and RAISE program, and conduct medical devices Silicon Valley innovation model in Medeon Biodesign. Terumo corporation gained the franchise of Dr. Tang’s invention, XProTM System (IVC-C01), for 50 million. As one of the founding members in Medeon Biodesign, Dr. Tang has accumulated knowledge, acquired experience and devoted effort along the different stages: research, project management and enterprise development. He utilized risk assessment and allocation strategy to distribute investment and entrepreneurial exit at a proper time, and earned even 200 times over the original investment.


Maxima’s team members possess experience of various high-value product development process, including laparoscopic clip appliers, monopolar scissors, monopolar dissectors, surgical forceps, laparoscopic irrigation devices, trocars, laparoscopic fibroid in situ morcellators, wound retractors, laparoscopic bipolar instruments, trocar site closure devices, and Cross-SealTM Systems, etc.

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