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Maxima Biotech Showcases Taiwan's Technological Innovation Results in Taiwan Innotech Expo

Embrace the Future and Look to the World. Taiwan Innotech Expo is here to present the latest research, development achievements and industrial innovation technologies from Taiwan.

We welcome you to visit FF29 to experience firsthand the groundbreaking advancements by Maxima Biotech, utilizing Taiwan's technological and medical expertise to create the world's second cordless ultrasonic dissector, along with the development roadmap of advanced surgical instruments.

  • Expo Dates: October 12th (Thursday) - 14th (Saturday), 2023

  • Expo Hours: Daily from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

  • Venue: Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall, Hall 1, Booth FF29

Don't miss this opportunity to explore the future and witness the power of Taiwan's technological innovation!

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