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Maxima Receives NSTC Grant and Shines at Bio Asia Exhibition

Maxima Biotech Receives Recognition from National Science and Technology Council and Exhibits at Bio Asia Asia Biotech Conference 2023!

From July 27th to July 30th, 2023, Maxima Biotech participated in Bio Asia , following recognition from National Science and Technology Council. This event showcased Taiwan's prowess in the commercialization of advanced medical devices, further solidifying Maxima's reputation as a key player in the Taiwan medical industry. Additionally, Maxima stood out in the startup exhibition organized by National Science and Technology Council, securing the first place position.

National Science and Technology Council's acknowledgment of Maxima's capabilities underscores the company's commitment to driving innovation in medical device. This award not only recognizes Maxima's outstanding performance but also reflects our determination to continuously strive for excellence in medical innovation.

During this event, Maxima Biotech showcased a successful instance of commercialized advanced energy device from Taiwan. Visitors were impressed by our dedication to research and development, as well as our focused efforts on utilizing technology to enhance medical outcomes.

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