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What we do


High level surgical instruments ODM/OEM

Small-batch production sample: Maxima’s product development team develops products by actually manufacturing and establishing the base of commercialization. The most precise procedures are applied during the manufacturing process of manufacturing and bench test to ensure the accordance of specifications.

UNMET NEED product development

Design prototype: Maxima’s design team develop prototypes in the fastest way by operating model design, engineering analysis, and rapid prototyping with professional software and hardware, then the samples will be transferred to physicians for initial tests and review. Maxima enhances the success rate to the maximum through continuing innovative thinking, risk assessment and product verification during the development process.

Entering market

Maxima works with physicians and distributors, and comprehensively assesses clinical need, current solutions, and market analysis. Then, out of hundreds of ideas, Maxima chooses the one with most potential and influence for further development.

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